eCommerce Development Solutions

Leverage the power of eCommerce website development services, to gain potential market capitalization within months. At MLM Kabila, we develop a responsive eCommerce website for our client, integrated with the latest and innovative functionalities that offer full automation of services. Moreover, with our years of experience in global website development services, we can construct a fully functional website in a stipulated time.

“Bring your idea to us and get your eCommerce website constructed by our expert website developers now.”

Develop eCommerce Portal in Pandemic-driven Booming eCommerce Market

In view of the prevalent Covid-19 pandemic situation in India, we are providing our clients with the benefit to get their personalized eCommerce web portal developed at a 65% lesser price as compared to others. Moreover, our websites are reliable and composed of responsive features and modern technologies as needed for e-buyers. Therefore, your static, as well as dynamic eCommerce website development, can be executed within a given time frame.

Future of eCommerce Website Development

With the rapid growth of eCommerce solutions worldwide, India is positioning itself as the top-notch eCommerce website development hub. The country’s digital market is estimated to be touching the billion-dollar mark in the future. Due to the growth of affordable computing technology and an accessible high-speed internet connection, our developed online shopping websites are the future of India.

Grow Your Business With Our End to End Custom eCommerce Solutions

MLM Kabila eCommerce website development & designing company understands its client’s preferences for the development of eCommerce website. Therefore, we provide our clients with either a custom website solution or white-label ready to use software, according to their preference.

With our years of experience, we develop your eCommerce website with easy browsing capability, better order management features, and faster payment mechanisms. Moreover, our eCommerce web development enables you to securely improve your conversion rate and allow a smooth shopping experience.

Start with Website Customization

Website customization is a preferred service by MLM Kabila, as clients can benefit from on-time eCommerce portal development with personalized features. Moreover, our eCommerce website customization service is unique as it is inherited with the following features :

  • Attach high-quality images on your website
  • Upload appropriate and unique content
  • Integrate software with payment gateways
  • Remove videos and popups
  • Mobile responsive custom website with professional look and feel
  • Web Compatibility with high-speed web pages
  • Identify your selling product with its attributes
  • Scalable eCommerce platform with clear, user-friendly navigation & newly added features
  • Optimize your website according to Google search engine with code and layout


As a top-level eCommerce development company India, we offer an accurate knowledge base to grow your product market value.

Web Solutions

We develop a B2B website as per our client’s requirement, inherited with the latest and modern features and technologies.

Mobile App

Get your iOS & Android mobile app developed using Native, Xamarin, Flutter platforms for fulfilling your all business needs.

Upgrade & Migration

Our eCommerce web development solutions provide verification and backup of your data for seamless upgradation or migration.

Integration Solutions

Get custom eCommerce development integrated with REST or SOAP API frameworks for seamless integration with third-party software applications.

Custom Theme Design

We house a team of UI UX designers who are specialized in making customizable unique themes for your website.

White-label Ready to Use Plugins for eCommerce Development

Ready to use the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business using the white-label website development plugins. Leverage the dynamic features within your exceptional web portal as attached by our experts using the following modules:

Magento eCommerce Development

Our eCommerce web developers use the Magento plugin to allow your website custom messaging and content for the targeted audience.

OpenCart Website Development

Leverage the technical features of the OpenCart plugin within your website for better store management, integration of extensions and themes.

Woocommerce Development Services

Using the Woocommerce plugin you can take advantage of inventory and tax management features, and secure payments and shipping integrations.

Ecommerce Packages

Thinking out of the box is our major preference, our back-end developers and UI UX designers create the most innovative and unique designs for your website. Therefore, we think beyond your competitor’s knowledge, whereby you get an eCommerce platform that is ready to tackle future challenges. Moreover, we make sure that your entire store gets transformed into an online market selling machine.

Basic Plan

$ 650
  • Standard Feature
  • Business And Finance Analyzing
  • Ticket Management
  • 1 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 Hours Support

Standard Plan

$ 1250
  • Standard Feature
  • Business And Finance Analyzing
  • Ticket Management
  • 1 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 Hours Support

Advanced Plan

$ 2500
  • Standard Feature
  • Business And Finance Analyzing
  • Ticket Management
  • 1 Free Optimization
  • 24/7 Hours Support

Features of MLM Kabila - eCommerce Website Development Company

Assimilate the power of our B2B eCommerce development to accelerate real-time relationships with your customers. Our global products are beneficial for users as they are combined with the latest technologies that serve the following features :

Product Management

Our eCommerce website serves clients requirements by enabling the kind of product management they need. Get an easy listing of products within your eCommerce platform, and add product description, pricing, attributes and more.

Inventory Management

Clients can manage their stocks, sale or resale value, and track the customer orders, cancelled orders with no complication. Moreover, you can easily track customer order delivery and return delivery.

User Reviews

Get reviews on your products and services from users and allow your customers to view them in a device-agnostic view. Your users can add their reviews easily and with images and videos to attract more customers.

Search Functionality

With the search function, your users can search exact results by using the specific keyword for the product and services. Our expert-designed search functions are assisted with high automation so that your users get on-time results.

Returns & Cancellations

Our eCommerce software development service allows you to manage the return of the order and allows easy cancellation mechanisms. Within the platform, users can cancel their orders anytime and meet their product requirements with ease.

Recommended Products

As per the latest ordering technicalities, now your users can get recommendations on products and services sophisticatedly. The most visible item types and liked categories will be viewed at the top as per user preferences.

Discounts and Offers

We have now made it easy for you to manage your product discounts and offers as per the demand. Within our eCommerce development services, clients can apply discounts and relevant offers with appropriate calculations to lure users.

Payment Integrations

Get on-time payment of your order with our integrated payment module, your users will be able to pay for services on time. Also, they can choose from the given payment methods like Bank Transfer, UPI Transfer, COD and more.

Site security

Get highly secure algorithms coded within your development platform to enable the security of your eCommerce website. This will ultimately help your users to rely on your services for securing their personal and financial details.

Customisable Design Options

Our expert developers and designers construct your website sophisticatedly with custom designs. Users can take advantage of various options that can be optimized according to their preferences.

Order Management

Our eCommerce web development services allow you to manage order fulfilment and track your order delivery and return. Therefore, users can manage orders, wishlists and return them from our eCommerce store development services.

Courier Management

Manage your courier services from your website and assess faster delivery of your courier. Experience hassle-free delivery from your warehouse, office or home to anywhere without any complication.

Multiple Branch

Your eCommerce website will be enabled from your location to anywhere in the world. Manage your branches easily from your website and allow delivery of services from any branch for faster access.

Stock Management

Allow stock management from your platform to keep the listing of stocks managed. Generate specialized codes for your particular product according to the category for keeping track of every particular item within the shelf.

Shopping Cart Management

Our eCommerce web application development solution is a unique service that allows your users to manage their shopping carts. They can easily add any item or product and cancel the order or even exchange the product with a new one.

Faster, Scalable, Intuitive, Secure E-commerce Mobile App

Get proficient Android App Development & iOS App Development services from MLM Kabila. We construct, design, test & deploy your smartphone application in no time. Our mobile software developers custom built your eCommerce application that runs smoothly & globally on all versions of Android OS and iOS.

Hit by hard times caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a rise in demand for the eCommerce mobile app. Just so, consumers can experience safe and secure shopping. We make your mobile app faster and safer for keeping users' details. After learning the latest demand and technological advancements as injected by blockchain development, our coders develop scalable, secure and intuitive eCommerce apps. So, take advantage of our development process and reach out to customers and clients worldwide via your own eCommerce mobile app.


Ultimate shopping experience using competitive and rich features.

Push Notifications

Send custom notifications, alert and update users for new products using push notifications.

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Shopping Cart

Get your eCommerce shopping cart developed to store, track and manage purchase orders

On boarding the right team players

Advanced Search

Make users find their desired product with specific keywords from the search bar.

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Social Integration

Get on-time reviews and ratings from customers and share reviews on social platforms.

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Multiple Payment Options

Allow users to execute payments from preferred multiple methods and improve the overall experience.

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App Analytics

Create better marketing strategies by getting detailed analytics, understand and remove app shortfalls.

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 Team Work
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Geo Location

Users can access location services to track your stores and their order delivery.

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Dynamic Home Screen

Get numerous screen layouts to create and display home screens to your users.

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One Tap Login

Allow users to log in to their Facebook, Instagram and Google account with a single tap.

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Multi-Lingual & RTL

Now users from anywhere can assess your eCommerce services through Multilingual and RTL options.

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User Admin Chat

Chat directly with users through your mobile apps to establish important and valuable connections.

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Real-Time Sync

Get your eCommerce website updates, product inventory updates automatically over the mobile app.

Get Your Custom eCommerce Solutions Shaped for You

Get your eCommerce software developed with MLM Kabila professional developers who efficiently develop your website with the latest and modern features. Talk to our eCommerce website developers to launch your store online with high-security and advanced features.

Why Choose MLM Kabila as eCommerce Website Development Services

We are a top-notch eCommerce web development company in India for providing global solutions, therefore, we hire expert and experienced developers. Our project managers and senior developers are proficient in putting together valuable requirements and modern features within your website. Utilize the help of the following technologies for eCommerce web application services:

Solutions that fit your bud

We offer you to choose from white-label software and budget specific desired custom eCommerce solutions.

Creative designs

Our UI UX designers use smart algorithms to attract users to make them buy the product.

Secure and Scalable Solutions

Our web eCommerce solutions are highly secure and certified technologies that can be stretched unlimited online.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

AI inherited solutions for viewing products online according to customer preferences and behaviour.

Easy to Manage Back-end

Manage your invoices, products, accounts and categories through a customer-friendly back-end for ease of usage.

Easy Integration with Other System

Within our developed platform, your users can perform and integrate their tasks within a cross-platform system.

eCommerce Marketing Support

Get eCommerce marketing support from our digital marketing team responsible for generating the digital reach of your website.

Technical Support from Experts

Call our technical support team to get 24-hour support to benefit your business options and maintain your product quality.

Did You Know That

67% of people reported to shop online because of the ability to shop 24/7

India’s IT market is the hub for a worldwide eCommerce website solution, and currently, India’s market cap is estimated to be $3.5 trillion. Being a developing country, India’s future market cap will touch $5 trillion by 2024, making the country’s IT market reach the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right eCommerce web development platform is an important task, whereas getting an expert opinion is a must. Therefore, choose MLM Kabila, to get your eCommerce website development online combined with functionalities, design, framework and features.

Two major technologies are currently used for eCommerce website development, i.e., frontend and backend. The frontend development is the initial development process of an eCommerce platform, whereas, the backend development deals with designing and creating responsive functions. Moreover, within an eCommerce platform mobile digital wallets are also included, therefore, OS development is another technological aspect. Lastly, you need a database and storage to store your eCommerce website data. Therefore, we as an eCommerce development company create your eCommerce platform with all the above mentioned technologies.

Of course, our eCommerce app development company develops software and websites inclusive of the latest and modern technologies that prevent hacks. Moreover, the inclusion of high-security codes prevents virus/malware attacks to safeguard your data from vulnerabilities. You and your users can safely store credit cards, debit cards, and other bank details, mobile details and personal information within the platform.

Yes, at MLM Kabila, we facilitate your eCommerce website development with enough resources so that you may not get held in between. Moreover, you can take advantage of our eCommerce business model with a dedicated team constructed especially for your website development process. Therefore, our experienced developers can present the right solution to you while pitching the most reasonable eCommerce website development cost.

Yes, you can avail MLM Kabila eCommerce digital marketing package for the upliftment of your eCommerce website on Google. Ranking your website on Google will help you boost your digital footprint. Moreover, with our SEO services, your website will rank first on the Google page and gather high traffic to your website.

Through MLM Kabila eCommerce development agency you can leverage our eCommerce consulting services for your eCommerce website development. Our experts will help you to gain market reach and at the same time, you can gain more clients.

Of course, we are here to help you with 24-hour support to make your shopping platform experience hassle-free. We assist you with eCommerce development and sell your items from your developed platforms. We also help our clients to market their platform and create your digital presence.

Positively! Our end-to-end design services are best in class. Our custom theme designers are proficient in creating themes for your online store. Our designers evaluate your requirements, research your competitors, and develop an attractive and unique design for an eCommerce portal.

Yes, as soon as you get your end product, we help you with full project knowledge and support. Our development team will educate you on the product, integrations and functions. Whereas, our support team will provide 24hours support for your product development that will be free for 30 days of deployment.

The eCommerce platform development cost is decided as per your requirements. It may cost high when you develop your eCommerce platform from scratch with custom functions. Whereas, a ready-made white-label eCommerce solution may cost you less. The rates may also vary depending on the functionality and features that will be included in the website.

Yes, we deliver your project on time, moreover, we will assess the tasks involved for the completion of the project before the delivery of your project. However, we can assure you that you won’t face delays in your project completion and deployment. Also, you can make your project online in a stipulated time and without bugs.

We are the best eCommerce development company, so we help our clients with migration services. Moreover, we provide eCommerce project migration services with rich features and help you to generate revenue for your business. Our project migration service transfers your project to another platform securely and without data loss.

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