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The MLM board plan is also called the recurring cycle matrix plan, which is suitable for a limited number of people. As the name suggests, the board of directors is at the core of the plan. Depending on the type of directory plan used, it has multiple members. The commonly used board plan is a 2 × 2 board plan, in which each member must recruit two other people. This situation continues until all positions on the board of directors have been filled. When the number of members exceeds the limit of the board of directors, it is divided into two sub-boards and the highest level members are promoted. This situation is repeated each time the board reaches the maximum number of members allowed.

Board/Cycle Matrix MLM Plan : Types of Income

Using our Board plan MLM calculator tool you can calculate the commissions at various levels and in different types. Herein, we have mentioned the bonuses list as directed to the distributors.

Direct Referral Bonus

Bonus received to the distributor on recruiting new members in the network. Every member who sponsored a new member gets a referral bonus at the time of recruition.

Board Breakout Bonus

When a member completes all the boards occupied in his downline then he shifts to another board and earns the profit bonus as a board of splitting bonus.

Cycle Upgrade Bonus

It is received as an achievement of completion bonus and transferred to another position of the level. It is also known as a completion bonus.

Repositioning Bonus

Once the board cycle is completed then the upper level is positioned to another board and earns the cycle bonus of another board for repositioning in a cycle.

Re-Entry Bonus

When the downline completes the board cycle and gets a re-entry in the same board, a bonus is given to all the members for achieving one completion of the cycle.

Leadership Bonus

This position is given to the distributors according to the calculation of sales growth and bonus achieved to his downline. It varies from level to level.

How Does Board/Cycle Matrix MLM Plan Work?

The design of the Board Plan is a 2X2, 2x3, 3x2 cycle Matrix. It is also known as Cycle a matrix rotation plan nd it always follows the sponsor It is a revolving cycle of the matrix. Board MLM plan is an easy plan to understand and follow. In the board plan, you will be provided with the blank board cycle with the fixed depth level. Therefore, you are only allowed to join members at a limited depth and only two members can be added to the frontline. Once your board cycle is completed, you will receive a completing bonus and as well as a sponsorship bonus for recruiting each member in the cycle. With this completion, you will get a new position in another board cycle and receive a positioning bonus. Hence, there is a limited depth of board cycle with an unlimited chance of completing it. We develop the best board MLM software with our experienced team that easily calculates and manages your board cycle.

Generation Plan

Board/Cycle Matrix Plan MLM Software Features

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Points to Consider About Board/Cycle Matrix MLM Plan

Our Board/Cycle Matrix plan MLM solution is a high performing software that is coded with the most appropriate algorithms. We follow reliable methodologies to develop such software as mentioned below :

  • It is an auto filling board that shuffles from one to another automatically after the completion of one board cycle.

  • The limited depth of board plan allows the downline members to earn profit with the help of upline members.

  • The compensation is calculated with different processes like recruiting, completion, changing position, and achieving high-level rank in the board cycle.

  • The board plan has different boards like autofilling, manual, shuffling board, single, and multi-board based on the choice of users.

  • It is an auto-shifting board cycle after the completion of a cycle and split into the different boards at each level.

  • Board MLM plan supports teamwork. Hence, the upline members help their downline to grow and complete the cycle.

  • Board MLM calculator automatically calculates the compensation of achievement at different processes.

  • Adding new members benefits all members in a cycle to earn profit.

  • It is the most popular among the MLM compensation plan due to its auto-promotion of members to high levels.

  • The board plan allows multiple options for users to access easily. These options include view boards, search boards, view commission boards.

Get Your Board / Cycle / Auto Matrix Plan MLM Software Developed Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Board matrix in the MLM plan?

    Board matrix is the organizational structure of limited depth of fixed matrixes. Users get a blank board cycle to complete and then shuffle to the next cycle. This cycling process is unlimited. Users get compensated at different levels of achievement.

  • How does a board plan benefit MLM business?

    Since it is a rigid structure of the matrix. Therefore, users just need to complete the limited depth cycle at each level to shuffle to the next level. It promotes the distributors to grow business and sales volume.

  • What is the importance of the matrix cycle?

    Matrix cycle plays a very important role in the board MLM plan. Distributors have to add members in the matrix cycle and complete it in a period of time. It saves time and cost and compensates more bonuses to the distributors.

  • How does the board MLM calculator work?

    Board MLM calculates the commission of each member individually according to the filling and positioning of their board cycle. It auto promotes the members and gives compensation on repositioning.

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