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In layman terms, Business is all about minimum investment with maximum results!

In simple terms, business is the smallest investment and the biggest result. This is the goal of clicking MLM software. Through portals in all areas, we have integrated point-and-click software to help us recoup our investment by subscribing to packages. When the subscriber clicks on the given link, it will take them to the bundle of products and services. Here, subscribers must meet some normal terms and conditions to receive benefits. It provides incredible results in business marketing and brings amazing results. One of the main agendas of click MLM software is that it can promote products and services and a total return on investment.Ad click plan is popular among the global network and young people who want to earn income in their free time. Advertisement click plan has gained popularity among MLM companies in a very short period.

Clicking Plan: Types of Income

Clicking MLM business plans is gaining popularity among youngsters to make income during free time. AD MLM plan is a CLick and pay-based concept. It provides several opportunities to earn income just with one click.

Quick Start Bonus

A newly joined member can start earning by sponsoring other members in the ad campaign to sell their products and services.

Performance Bonus

Click MLM plan is based on how many times you view their ads on the publisher’s page. The more you target the audience for viewing ads, the more you earn profit.

Director Bonus

Director bonus is paid to viewers and members who are eligible to achieve a high rank in the Click MLM plan. It is considered as a reward of achievement.

Sponsor Matching Income

The amount of profit received by the sponsor from the earnings of his recruited members. The MLM companies set the fixed amount of percentage profit.

Level Commission

Level commission in the Click MLM plan is calculated as the earning profit of your downline income. The level commission is different at the different levels of downline.

Royalty income

Royalty income is a fixed amount received per week or month when you have recruited the target members in your downline to earn and grow your business.

How does the Clicking MLM Plan work?

Clicking ad MLM is a business plan that works on the concept of click and pay. In Ad MLM, users have to view ads published on the publisher’s site. The company starts paying you for viewing per ad. Users can add members to their business to click ad and view. This benefits the users to earn profit as compensation from the income of recruited members. Recruited members come under the different levels of your downline set by the company. MLM companies fix the amount of commission profit percentage according to their business plan. Suppose a company sets that the first recruited members come at the first level, the next 3 recruited members will come at the second level, and so on. Then your income will be calculated as the sum of your income and compensation you receive from the income of recruited members of different levels.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Let’s analyze member X who has joined the MLM company using the ad click MLM plan. He starts viewing ads per day and gets paid per ad by the company. He recruits other members to join business under his downline. The new members also start viewing ads and start getting paid then member X will receive the income calculated as the sum of his income per ad, the referral bonus for each member, and the compensation for the earning of each member at different levels in his downline. We provide the best clicking MLM software solutions that easily calculate the earning and compensation of each member individually.

For income calculation, we integrate the new members at different levels of downline.

  • Member X is getting paid Rs.25 for viewing each ad by the MLM company.
  • Member X recruited A, B, and C at the first level of his downline and received the compensation profit of amount Rs.5 for each member per week.
  • Member A, B, and C recruited other members to grow their business network. Now, member X will receive the income as the sum of his fixed income, compensation profit from A, B, and C, and the compensation profit from the recruited members under A, B, and C.

Clicking Plan MLM Software Features

Looking for a reliable Software Development Company in Delhi NCR? MLM Kabila is a trusted ISO certified company accredited to accomplish the custom-made software of different MLM plans. Some of its amazing features includes

payment gateway
Payment Gateway
digital wallet
Digital Wallet
live chat module
Live Chat Module
lead capturing
Lead Capturing

Points to Consider About Clicking MLM Plan

Ad click MLM plan is the best for the ones who are willing to earn income in their free time. It is a part-time income opportunity popular among young people. It is based on PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) which means click, view, and earn.

  • Clicking MLM software drives traffic to the website to earn money and grow business.

  • Ad MLM plan is a self income concept of earning money by just click and view.

  • MLM companies who choose to click MLM software use the tagline, ‘just click and earn’ to attract customers.

  • The purpose of viewing ads and earning money is to promote your products and services to the viewers.

  • Click MLM software develops a network of advertisers to promote business.

  • Click plan supports teamwork as everyone in the network helps each other to grow business.

  • The biggest advantage of click MLM is that it saves time and cost.

  • It is a part-time job opportunity to earn and it is an easy-to-understand concept.

  • Clicking MLM software companies compensate the money earned from advertisers to the consumers.

  • You received a fixed amount of money per week or month as a compensation profit from your downline members.

  • Clicking MLM plan supports fewer time efforts with high earnings.

Get Your Clicking Plan MLM Software Developed Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Click Ad MLM works to earn profit?

    Click Ad MLM plan works on the concept of ‘click and earn’. It is a part-time opportunity to earn by viewing ads per day. Click MLM is the best of all MLM business plans because of its easy concept to understand.

  • What are the benefits of Click ad MLM?

    Ad MLM plan allows you to earn profit in your free time. It saves cost and time. Pay per click is the basic idea of the MLM Ad plan. MLM business makes a profit from the viewers and advertisers

  • How can you earn money by just clicking ads?

    A company is paying you for viewing ads per day. And a compensation bonus is given to you for adding new members to the business. Viewing ads attracts customers to your products and services

  • why should you choose to Click Ad plan as a business plan?

    Because Click MLM plan saves your time and cost. It doesn’t need much effort to earn profit. A big network of advertisers is developed by Ad MLM plan that drives the traffic to websites and attracts customers. It is a passive income in which the compensation money earned from advertisers is given to the viewers and customers.

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