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Looking for the best Crowdfunding MLM software. Our experienced crowdfunding software developer provides you the best crowdfunding plan to grow your business. Crowdfunding plan is the easiest way to start up your new business by raising funds from the people. Using the crowdfunding MLM plan, members find investors who can raise funds and invest money to start and grow their business. If you are financially weak to start your business then crowdfunding is the best solution for you to startup. Crowdfunding MLM plan works with the group of people who are willing to start up with low investment and want to grow in a small period of time. Each member of the group donates a tiny amount of money as an investment for enlarging their business. A free demo is available for the crowdfunding plan software.

Crowdfunding Plan : Types of Income

Members can earn income through various types of income procedures. Crowdfunding plan allows users to grow and earn more profit with a small amount of investment.

Direct Referral Bonus

You earn a profit if you add a member to the group who can invest and raise funds to grow your business. Direct bonus is given for referring each new member.

Level Bonus

Level bonus is given to the distributors who have invested much to grow their business and become eligible to get more profit from the business.

Rank Upgrade Bonus

Crowdfunding plan gives a bonus to their business persons or group members for achieving high rank in investors.


Crowdfunding plan gives rewards to their group members and investors to promote and motivate them to grow and also to thank them for investing in the business.

Royalty Income

Bonus is given as a reward for your consistency in business and to grow it to a high level. This benefits you to make small efforts and more income.


Bonanza in crowdfunding is a bonus given for achieving the target mission of raising funds in a short period of time. It helps to boost the performance level of the business.

How Does Crowdfunding MLM Plan Work?

Most startups and individuals face financial problems; ideas are as bright as the sun, but due to lack of investment, this innovative and creative move is shelved. This is where crowdfunding MLM programs can help. A group of people starts investing in a company or product with a small amount of money. However, this is still a win-win situation, and one person must bear the risk of pain and profit. The plan is therefore simple, less investment and financing are better, and it becomes a money monster. You don't need to burn your fingers for such a business, it is perfect to analyze and research where to invest more things. Crowdfunding is a small investment-based business concept. Real estate business plans are popular among the small investors to start up.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Suppose you are starting a new business with Rs. X amount of money. You start raising funds and collecting people to add to your business to invest. Each member will donate a certain amount. Once you start growing your business then the profit will be calculated with a fixed percentage according to the amount of money you invested.

For income calculation, we divide the members based on their investment graph

  • The person who invested the higher amount will earn the maximum profit.
  • The amount of raising funds is directly proportional to the earned profit you receive.
  • An invested graph is analyzing through a crowdfunding MLM calculator.

Crowdfunding Plan MLM Software Features

Looking for a reliable Software Development Company in Delhi NCR? MLM Kabila is a trusted ISO certified company accredited to accomplish the custom-made software of different MLM plans. Some of its amazing features includes

digital wallet
Digital Wallet
live chat module
Live Chat Module
lead capturing
Lead Capturing

Points To Consider About Crowdfunding Plan

We develop the best real estate software for your crowdfunding plan. Following are the features of crowdfunding MLM software that make it more attractive.

  • Crowdfunding MLM plan is the easiest plan to start a new business.

  • You need to arrange a group of members who can invest to start up.

  • A tiny amount of money is needed to start a business plan.

  • You start earning profit in a short period of time.

  • Crowdfunding software is easy to follow and simpler to learn.

  • MLM Crowdfunding network market is the fastest-growing business plan.

  • The more you invest and give effort, the more money you earn.

Get Your Crowd Funding Plan MLM Software Developed Now!

Develop your Crowdfunding plan MLM software that helps you to store funds safely and securely as provided by investors. Consult our highly skilled developers with your project requirements now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Real estate/Crowdfunding plan?

    Real estate is an MLM business plan to start up a new business with low investment. A group of investors gathered together to raises funds to start and grow the network. Investors donate a tiny amount of money and start earning profit in a short time.

  • How does crowdfunding MLM software work?

    Crowdfunding MLM software works on the concept of investment and earns policy. Users who want to grow their business with low investment choose crowdfunding business plans and start raising funds from others.

  • How can someone start a new business using crowdfunding software?

    If you are willing to start a business but don’t have enough amount of money then grow your business using a crowdfunding MLM plan. You can find the group of persons by crowdfunding MLM software to invest money for your business. Once you start growing, you are eligible to earn profit and return their investment.

  • What are the advantages of a crowdfunding business plan?

    The biggest advantage of choosing a crowdfunding MLM business plan is that you need to invest a small amount of money for a startup and then you can raise funds for the investment from others. It is an easy process and simpler to understand for the new members.

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