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X-up suggests the leg forming a pattern of the plan. X-UP modern MLM compensation plan comprises one up, two up, three up, four up, and up to different ups. This is why; it is also called the "X-Up" or "pass up" sales plan. When one enters the X-UP MLM plan and its procedures, he or she can keep themselves away from the first line of X sales, but when you pass up the first line of X sales, it is compulsory to gather commission from the next sales

As you progress in the lines of sales, you must collect commissions on the following incomes. While a member makes any sale, he or she can pass up the first line of X sales to other individuals. This can be continuous through infinity. X-UP MLM software plan is related to a one-time sale, as such the sales move around only one product in the chain, and earning gets limited. The scheme varies with the number of X-Up sales.

MLM Kabila X-Up plan software is a completely customized product whose development varies with choices. A consumer of the software can ask for whichever kind of software he desires, as choices of the scheme are not restricted to anyone.

In the market, there are a number of X-Up MLM plans software providers, but the best service can only be obtained by making a thoughtful comparison. Till now, MLM Kabila's X-Up plan software has had tremendously positive reviews in the market bringing a complete package of satisfaction while serving MLM service.

X-UP Plan: Types of Income

Members can earn quick profit through the Australian X-UP MLM plan. Upline members earn more benefits than the downline members as the first X sales of downline is shifted to the upline member.

Quick Start Bonus

Quick start bonus is a sponsor bonus received by the sponsor. In the X-UP MLM plan, the first X-UP sponsor bonus is given to the upline member. The recruited member’s bonus after X-UP sales is given to the downline.

Performance Bonus

A performance bonus is given as a reward in the X-UP plan for achieving target sales from your downline after sharing X-UP sales with your upline member.

Director Bonus

Director bonus is a high-rank bonus given to the distributors for achieving a high position in the network. That means you have your downline with many members.

Level Compensation

The sponsor earns the profit from the sales of his downline. The X-sales are fixed for the sponsor but the other sales income profit is also shared by the Upline.

Rank Advancement Bonus

The reward of achieving a high position in the network. Receiving a rank advancement bonus shows that you have sponsored more than enough members in your downline.

Royalty Income

In the X-UP MLM compensation plan, you start earning a fixed income or royalty income by sponsoring many members and selling more products within a deadline.

How does the X-UP MLM Plan work?

X-UP MLM compensation plan is popular among business plans with the allowance of unlimited members in the network. After the joining of the network, you have to sponsor new members in your downline. X-UP MLM plan works with a condition that says you have to give your first X members or sales to your sponsor/upline member. The X here represents the number set by the MLM companies. The value of X is different in every company.

Let’s take an illustration to understand the X-UP plan. You are member Y sponsored by member Z. That means, Z is your upline member. The company has set the value of X-UP is 3. Therefore, the first 3 members recruited by you will come under the downline of your upline member Z and the 4th member will be the first member of your (member Y) downline. The process of recruiting is unlimited.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Assume that member A sponsored members B and C. Company fixed the value of X by 2. B recruited 3 and C recruited 4 members. Therefore, the income of member A is calculated as the sum of sponsorship bonus for B and C, the earning profit of their income, the profit income from the first recruited members of B, and the earning profit of members recruited by C.

For income calculation, we divide the sales into X-UP sales and downline sales.

  • For member A, the earning profit is sponsorship bonus, and the X-sales profit of recruited members B and C
  • For member B, the earning profit is sponsorship bonus, sales volume, and the profit income of added members after the X member.
  • For member C, the earning profit is sponsorship bonus, sales volume, and the profit income of added members after the X member. This process is the same for every member.

X-UP Plan MLM Software Features

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Points to Consider About X-UP Plan

Australian X-UP plan is the modern version of the Unilevel MLM plan. It is popular among big MLM companies. But the procedure of the X-UP MLM software plan is a little bit complicated as compared to other MLM compensation plans.

  • The X-UP plan allows the sponsorship of unlimited members in the network.

  • X-UP MLM plan is the concept of direct selling to earn profit.

  • Upline members earn more benefit from the X-sales of their downline members.

  • Newly joined members earn the profit from their downline after the sharing of their X-UP sales.

  • X-UP MLM software shows that both sales of products and the recruitment of members are very important in the X-UP plan.

  • Balance your MLM business with the continuous adding of new members.

  • Australian X-UP MLM software is affordable software for the members.

  • X-UP MLM is a teamwork plan because the sponsors promote their downline to generate income by recruiting members.

  • The income in the X-UP MLM compensation plan is generated by the selling of products as well as the sponsorship.

  • X-UP Australian MLM plan focuses on both things equally to earn profit

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Australian X-UP MLM plan?

    Australian X-UP MLM plan is similar to the Unilevel plan. It is based on the X-UP sales pattern where X can be 1,2,3 and so on. The procedure is the first X-sales of a new member is shared by the upline member to earn profit.

  • What are the features of X-UP MLM software?

    X-UP MLM software is the fastest growing MLM business software. An unlimited number of distributors can be sponsored using the X-UP plan. Upline members earn more profit and encourage its downline to make income.

  • What are the X-UP MLM software services?

    Our experienced team develops the best X-UP MLM software that gives you Australian X-UP MLM services. We develop user preference software. We are 24*7 available to serve our clients.

  • How does Australian X-UP MLM software work?

    Analyze the distributor A sponsored the member B. B sponsored 3 members in which the 2 members are the X-sales of upline member A. Therefore, member A earns profit by the sales of member B and B will earn profit by the X-sales of his downline.

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