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Get your personalized Altcoin currency developed by our highly experienced blockchain developers and enjoy avant-grade securities for efficient trade. We facilitate hard fork and soft fork altcoin development services that encourage your audience’s interest and build your enterprise market value.

Altcoin/Cryptocurrency has become the highly secured, prominent financial transaction medium. With the infusion of blockchain technology to develop a digital currency, the settlement time has been reduced, middlemen are kicked out and security has been increased. Therefore, cryptocurrency has become a more secure, quick, and transparent medium of exchange. Thus for you to leverage the benefits glued with altcoin development, we at MLM Kabila, offer premium cryptocurrency development services as developed by our experts.

Coin Development Services

Coin Development Services

Cryptocoin development is unique to MLM Kabila, as we construct coins with the use of efficient strategies and unique algorithms. Our team of highly skilled developers works for clients around the globe and fosters their business growth, sometimes even from scratch. Likewise, our altcoin development service includes ideation and strategy management techniques for launching and marketing the final product. Moreover, you can get your coin developed from scratch with new rules, or just add new features to the existing coin.

Blockchain Protocol

Enjoy the benefits of the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the development of your crypto coin by our open-source codes. Our technology-driven approach creates smart strategies by which we can rejuvenate existing blockchains into a fresh protocol, with exclusive features and rules. Our Altcoin/cryptocurrency development service takes into account the following blockchain protocols:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Primecoin
  • Auroracoin

Cryptocurrency/Token Creation Services

Our expert blockchain developers are proficient in altcoin development, building cryptocurrency, utility, and security tokens with appropriate algorithms.

  • PoW (Proof-of-Work)

Enable proof of work to execute digital cryptocurrency trading without getting monitored by a company or government.

  • PoS (Proof-of-Stake)

Integrated POS consensus mechanisms for validators for ordering transactions and creating new blocks to centralize the agreement of all network members.

  • DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake)

Amalgamate Delegated Proof of Stake feature for network users to vote and elect delegates to validate the next block.

Cryptocurrency Development and Mining Algorithms

To develop your cryptocurrencies we have integrated our system with Secure hash, Scrypt, and X11 algorithms. Following algorithms are developed keeping in mind the latest technologies and by high-skilled professionals.

Secure Hash Algorithm

We develop SHA 256 which is a cryptographic hash function major and is generated with a specific (32-byte) 256-bit signature. You can create this cryptographic hash also known as a digest for a string of text or a data file.

Scrypt Algorithm

Get your Scrypt key derivation function built to prevent large-scale custom hardware attacks even after acquiring a lot of data. The Scrypt password-based algorithm was originally used by the Tarsnap online backup service.

X11 Algorithm

In order to secure your cryptocurrency network, we integrate your altcoin development and token currency development with the X11 algorithm. X11 is used for the proof-of-work calculations by enabling a sequence of eleven scientific hashing algorithms.

Our Offering

MLM Kabila is known as the best cryptocurrency development company globally, because of the skilled developers and exclusive offering. We include the following features while executing your cryptocurrency development:

Coin Creation

Coin Creation

MLM Kabila manufactured Crypto and altcoins are utilized digitally by a majority of ventures from their growth phase as a medium of exchange.

Wallet Development

Wallet Development

Our premium services include wallet altcoin development with high-grade security for enabling easier and faster trading.

White Paper

White Paper

Our white paper development service executes the entire process of planning till publication by integrating graphics, layout, and on-brand content.

Mining Node

Mining Node

Construct a mining node to seal the transaction blocks and confirm them for the production of new Bitcoins by the required combinations.

Crypto Currency Explorer


We build cryptocurrency explorer where you can easily access transaction details like amount, source, destination, and status of the transaction.

Soft Fork Cryptocurrency Development Platforms

We follow an established mechanism for soft fork development of cryptocurrency where we design their replicas with the latest features. Likewise, the following platforms are as mentioned below:

Bitcoin Platform
Feather Coin
Prime Coin
aurora coin
Dog Coin
Name coin
Quark Coin

MLM Kabila Cryptocurrency Development Services Benefits

We provide high-grade cryptocurrency services that feature different development needs such as encrypted crypto wallets, and coins. Moreover, our services are reliable and offer self-sufficient custom cryptocurrencies that are market-oriented.

Cost Effective Transaction

Cost-Effective Transactions

We develop your crypto coin on a blockchain that includes a unique consensus algorithm for enabling low transaction fees.

High Transactional Throughput

High Transactional Throughput

Our developers assess the technical feasibility of blockchain-based scaling solutions to enable high-transaction throughput.

Enhanced Trust and Transparency

Enhanced Trust and Transparency

Our altcoin development services build cryptocurrencies with blockchain technology to configure a trusted decentralized ecosystem.

Secure and Immutable Transactions

Secure and Immutable Transactions

With our altcoin/cryptocurrency development services, we implement cryptographic securities for secure and tamper-proof records of end-to-end transactions.

Decentralized Record of Transactions

Decentralized Record of Transactions

Custom-built your cryptocurrency record management system for efficient supervision of subsidiaries settlement, supplier and vendor payment handling.

Fundraising with Utility or Security Tokens

Fundraising with Utility or Security Tokens

We create innovative utility for managing security token solutions and simplifying crowdfunding for better business growth.

Altcoin/ERC Token Development : An Insight

For Altcoin development or ERC20 token development, we prosper high knowledge of its solidity. Moreover, our developers are excellent in the programming language in which Ethereum is coded. So, the below-mentioned steps are followed for Altcoin or ERC token development: .

  • Discussing Project Idea
  • Execution Planning
  • Listing Crypto Exchange
  • Distributing Token or Altcoin
Crypto Planning
  • Evaluation of Idea
  • Develop Platform
  • Develop Whitepaper
  • Creating Token or Altcoin

Frequently Asked Questions

Get a chance to learn more about how we work and the processes included in cryptocurrency development, with the help of given FAQs. Moreover, for any queries, feel free to email us at

For our clients we always offer better deals, therefore, hard fork altcoin development may cost much more than soft fork cryptocurrency development. Whereas, we levy no hidden costs and offer services in a stringent time.
For the creation of your Altcoin and even Tokens, we practice standard procedures that include duly signing of an NDA with you. Moreover, if somehow, we fail to proceed with the set rules, we will take full responsibility for the inconvenience caused.
As we all know altcoin development is the best alternative to fiat currency, therefore, many enterprises are running bullish in the market. Moreover, it offers immediate transaction settlements, low transaction costs, ease of accessibility, and decentralized transactions.
The following steps are included for altcoin development and token creation service:
  • Construct a blockchain
  • Custom token development
  • Roadmap and maintenance creation
  • Marketing the tokens
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