Types of Token

MLM Kabila is the supreme certified cryptocurrency exchange software development services company, with all-inclusive crypto-designing and development services. We are renowned for our cryptocurrency wallet development, cryptocurrency website development, crypto software development, and more.

Security Tokens

Our digital assets creation services are utilized and managed as an exchange medium for the growth of high-tech enterprises.

Utility Tokens

MLM Kabila cryptocurrency development is professionally built to accelerate the ICO market growth wave with utility tokens.

Equity Tokens

Leverage your fundraising approaches with our equity tokens that are designed uniquely and are market-oriented.

Non-fungible Tokens

Build your NFT token to represent the ownership of unique items like art, videos, audio, game assets, real estate, and more.

Token Development

Tokenize your assets to amplify your fundraising efforts with our modern agile engineering, design methodologies, and technology-accelerated development. Our cryptocurrency developers build and deliver solutions that enhance your business growth. Moreover, we align our services with your needs, hence ERC20 token development or Binance Smart Chain development is possible.

Develop Your Ethereum Based Token

Ethereum token is a significant token aligned for business proficiency and can be developed in a variety of standards, such as ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, ERC721x, ERC1400, ERC865, ERC777, ERC827, and more. This technical standard token is basic for all smart contracts conducted on the Ethereum blockchain and provides guidelines for Ethereum token usage.

Our professionals at MLM Kabila, provide Ethereum token cryptocurrency development services that help to boost your business goals. Moreover, with our ethereum token development proficiency, you can raise money by developing and marketing your own ICO coins.

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Develop Your Tron Based Token

Tron token development is a powerful and mushrooming phenomenon of cryptocurrency development. Users get complete freedom of token development and issuance over their own network, whereas they can multiply its working at various stages.

There are two types of tokens as developed under Tron, they are TRC 10 and TRC 20. The TRC 10 token is produced on the Tron blockchain network, whereas TRC 20 is the protocol developed after the creation of tokens. Our professionals are capable to develop your Tron token efficiently with the help of the Tron Virtual Machine.

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Binance Smart Chain Token Development

Through our token development services, we offer clients to get their Binance Smart Chain development services that include the creation of BEP-20 token. By developing BSC BEP-20 tokens users enjoy facilities like token transferring, balance returning facility, and viewing token ownership features.

Our binance smart chain developers create market-oriented BEP 20 tokens that enhance clients’ business growth and strengthen their digital footprint. With our years of experience in cryptocurrency development services, we fulfill your customer-oriented requirements and make your work more plausible.

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Create ERC 20 Standard Ethereum Token

MLM Kabila exchange development company builds the most preferable & familiar ERC20 ethereum tokens. These tokens are highly used by cryptocurrency development companies and blockchain enthusiasts. Our simplified and skilled token developers can create an ERC20 token to enhance your business solutions. To know more contact our team below.

Cryptocurrency Token Development Services

Token Creation

Create your superior blockchain fungible and non-fungible ERC20 token, that is more supportable and modifiable.

Token Migration

Migrate ERC20 tokens from any blockchain betanet to mainnet, and convert them into reliable tokens.

Cold Storage

Our cryptocurrency software development company develops the best cold storage system responsible for token security.

Token Listing

Get expert support to list your token on various crypto exchanges to grab investors and make it popular.

ICO Development

With our ICO development services, you can develop and launch your ICO to potential investors to raise funds for new business plans.

Token Wallet Development

Customize cryptocurrency wallet development to store and manage ethereum tokens created under ethereum standards.

What are Tokens?

A token is a special kind of digital currency that rests on its own blockchain network and holds an asset or utility value. Moreover, crypto tokens can represent either currency price, value, stake, voting rights, or anything else. Whereas, a single crypto token can perform many roles in its own ecosystem or in its native network.

Difference Between Token and Cryptocurrency Development

Crypto coins are encrypted digital currencies that are used as a payment method in their own blockchain or in other networks. However, tokens are digital assets that are fungible and tradeable and include everything from commodities, videos, voting rights, etc.

  • Crypto coins are fungible whereas tokens are non-fungible.
  • Crypto coins play single function value-based roles, however, tokens play multi-purpose roles.
  • Tokens are secured and accountable, and coins are constant and durable.
  • Tokens are recoverable whereas coins are non-recoverable.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services for Token Creation

  • Automated Dividends
  • Profit-sharing rights
  • Cash Flow
  • Voting rights
  • Buyback rights
  • Holding in another fund

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