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MLM companies work with the plan of recruiting members and promoting business. The Autofilling MLM plan is one of them but different from others. Auto filing is the non-referral MLM compensation plan that means the members don’t need to sponsor other members to generate income. The purpose of using autofilling MLM income plans in the MLM industries is to enlarge the promotion of products. In simple words, you will earn profit for each member joined by you. Joined members can be recruited by you or not. The structure of the autofilling plan is the multiple of 2,3 or 4. MLM Kabila is the best auto filling software development company. Our experienced team develops the best MLM software with various features. These features include easy payment systems, stepwise management, modification, and member management.

Autofilling Plan : Types of Income

Since autofilling is a non-referral MLM plan. Therefore, the recruiting process is not necessary to grow in a business. You need to focus on the promotion and selling of products. Autofilling is a good opportunity to earn and grow more quickly.

Direct Bonus

Bonus received for recruiting each member in the company. MLM companies in the autofill plan paid you directly for the member who joined after you.

Level Completion Bonus

Since autofilling MLM works on the multiple of 2.3 or 4 that means the fixed number of spaces are available. Level completion bonus is received when you get a high position.

Level Upgrade Bonus

Bonus received to the existing members for achieving a high position or a higher level. That means you have filled your downline to a given level.


Rewards are a profit given for achieving a target mission. The purpose of a rewards bonus is to motivate members to grow business.

Travel Bonus

Travel bonus in autofilling MLM is given to the members of high position. You received a free travel ticket or an amount to travel from the company.

Matching Bonus

It is the same or sponsorship matching bonus of the downline members given to the sponsors. It is a level commission earned by the upline members.

How Does Autofilling MLM Plan Work?

The automatic filling pool plan is one of the most popular plans in the current time. In this plan, another MLM plan will come into place little by little. After completing a level of participation, or after using different tasks for this, the groups and members of the club are upgraded to the next level club. And if you add money, you will increase a considerable amount. More Updates on the members of the club that participate in the amount of money they receive.

According to the company's policy, the first level of the pool is 7 and the union is left to the right. Then, the first member entering the club can assist a later member. A level of the pool after a complete filling, next to the update to the next level of the club, again, since it or the line goes down and that is for it to leave, you get 6 other members. On the second level of the pool, the union money duplicates. And it will continue to increase according to the level of the pool.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Let’s take an illustration to learn the calculation of an auto filling MLM plan. Assume that company has a fixed amount of Rs. X. Member x has joined the company with a multiple of 3. Therefore, he will receive a profit of his sales volume, the sponsorship bonus, and the profit commission of his downline members at 3 levels.

For income calculation, we divide the members into two different levels.

  • The income of X is calculated as the sales volume profit, referral profit, and level commission.
  • The income of a member in his downline is calculated as sales volume and the level commission of members under them.
  • After the completion of a level, a new position will be given and the fixed income will start coming to you monthly.

Generation Plan MLM Software Features

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Lead Capturing

Points To Consider About Autofilling Plan

Autofilling MLM is a popular plan among new beginners. Here are the advantages of choosing an auto-filling MLM plan.

  • The Autofilling MLM plan focuses on the promotion of products instead of sponsoring members.
  • Autofilling MLM software supports teamwork and every member in a group helps each other to grow.
  • Autofilling is more of a marketing strategy-based MLM plan.
  • The members joined after you will come under your downline.
  • No need for sponsorship motivated members to sell more and more products to earn profit.
  • Autofilling plan of MLM works with a multiple of 2, 3, and so on available spaces. Hence, you need to fill the available spaces to upgrade to another level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the features of autofilling MLM plan?

    Autofilling MLM plan is an easy MLM plan for new beginners. No sponsorship is required to grow and earn. Selling and promoting products is a more important thing to make a profit. Marketing-based MLM companies use autofilling plans.

  • How does auto filling software work?

    Auto filling MLM software is used by the MLM companies for managing autofilling plans. Auto filling software provides ease of usage, managing members, payments, and stores the data of sold products.

  • What is autofilling MLM plan?

    In simple words, MLM autofilling plan is a non-referral compensation plan. No recruiters are required to join an MLM company. You can add a few members to get incentives and balance the growth of the company. Autofilling MLM income plan allows unlimited members to add and is the fastest growing business plan.

  • How to earn profit using an auto-filling MLM plan?

    Using autofilling MLM plan, you can easily join an MLM company without much effort in giving sponsorship. You can generate your income by selling and promoting more and more products. A fixed income will start after the completion of one level of a given multiple.

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