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A Binary Plan is the most popular marketing compensation plan amount for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies. Our MLM Software CRM easily manages binary network trees and gives in and out activities reporting to keep track of the down line’s incomes and team structures. Binary MLM software also enables the users to see their income and network status and manage their payouts and referrals.

Binary MLM Plan: Types of Income

A variety of incomes can be created and integrated into a Binary matching Plan to cater to the business needs. The list below is for multiple compensations that attract more distributors in the MLM business.

Matching Bonus

Matching bonus is provided to the sponsors according to the bonus received by their downline network. Sponsors get a certain percentage of the bonus as a paid commission from the sales of their downline.

Sponsor Matching Bonus

Also known as the pairing bonus, it is given to distributors who are qualified by achieving a balanced volume of sales based on a certain percentage of ratio. Qualified distributors get bonuses for achieving sales at each level of the downline.

Binary Level Bonus

It is a bonus paid to the distributor when the binary tree grows which means the downline members are recruiting new members and increasing sales. It is based on the sales of the weaker leg of the binary tree which means the sales earned by the new member in the downline.


This bonus is given as a reward to the distributors for increasing the level of their binary tree by recruiting or sponsoring more and more members on their downline. The more the sales the more rewards they get as a bonus like free purchasing for a month or offers for buying items etc.

Direct Referral Bonus

It is a bonus directly paid to the distributors on recruiting each member in their downline. Also known as the introducer bonus. On recruiting each member in the downline, the distributor will get the direct bonus as a referral bonus.


It is a yearly bonus or offers given to the distributors on recruiting new members. These offers can be like getting a 10% bonus on joining 5 members per day. It increases sales and grows business as more members will get a recruit to the network.

How does the Binary MLM Plan work?

In Binary Compensation Plan one member can recruit two people to the first level. This means that the sponsor can make only two distributors underneath, i.e. Left Leg and Right Leg. It is also referred as Power Leg and Profit Leg. If member sponsors more than two new members, excess members are placed at down line below the sponsoring member's forefront. This 'spill over' is an attractive feature that appeals new members, since they only need to sponsor two members to participate in the binary compensation plan. That is why it is often termed as Binary Spill over MLM Plan. Earnings in Binary plan is always calculated on matching volume of sales done from both legs. And unmatched business volume gets carry forward for next payout. Matching volume may vary such as 1:1, 1:2, or 2:1. MLM Binary Plan software can also be combined with other mlm plans make it as a hybrid MLM plan software.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Let’s Understand Binary MLM Plan with an example that is based on 1:1 ratio concept. Suppose a company has decided the package amount of Rs. 500 and binary matching percentage is 5% of the package amount (5% of Rs.500). Sponsor A, can have only two direct members; B on its left & C on its right. B will have two members as D on the left side and E on the right side. C will have members as F on the left side and G on the right side.

For income calculation, we divide this tree in two parts as Left and Right.

  • For A Matching Volume is Rs.1500 and the remaining Rs.500 will be carry forward. Income for A will be 5% of Rs.1500 Rs. 75.
  • For B matching volume is Rs.500. income for B will be 5% of Rs.500 that’s rs.25
  • For B matching volume is Rs.500. income for B will be 5% of Rs.500 that’s rs.25

Binary Plan MLM Software Features

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Points to Consider About Binary MLM Plan

Our Binary plan MLM software is the most reliable strategic software constructed for MLM businesses. It works on the patterns followed by the Binary plan, understand from the below-mentioned points :

  • Binary MLM compensation plan is the most successful strategic plan in MLM business as only two front members can be added by the distributor.

  • Members try to balance the right leg and left leg to earn more profit. It is an important strategy to succeed in a binary plan.

  • Spillover is the most useful feature of the binary plan. Spillover is used to gain profits by adding the new member in the space of the downline.

  • The profit leg is also known as an income leg as more profits are earned by this leg and the power leg uses the strategy of spillover.

  • The balancing of both legs is very important and challenging in a binary plan. If both the legs are not balanced, there is a chance of losing the bonus and points you get on recruiting new members.

  • It is a teamwork-based business. The more your downline members increase the sales, the more profit you get from the downline.

  • It is a plan of adding unlimited members to your network. Therefore, you can build and grow your business by adding more and more members to your downline to earn profit.

  • MLM business is different from other businesses as it works on the reach of your network and team efforts.

  • Compensation is given to the members as an earned profit for recruiting members in the network and increasing the volume of sales.

  • No matching pair is needed if you apply conditions on a binary compensation plan. This will create a 3rd sub-node to earn compensation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the features of the Binary MLM compensation plan?

    A binary plan is the two-leg structure compensation plan. Using a binary plan in MLM business, the upline persons earn profit from the downline persons of their network. It is a collaborative system that allows unlimited numbers to join. Each member earns profit individually according to their sales and downline.

  • How does a binary MLM plan benefit MLM business?

    MLM is a business of sales and purchasing of items and adding more members to the network. The binary plan helps the upline members to get benefits from their downline. Binary plans only two main frontline persons in the network which means if more than two members are added to the frontline then other members get shifted in the downline of another person. This benefits the downline to grow their business.

  • How does the Binary MLM Plan work?

    Binary plan is a two-leg-based structure network. The compensation is given to the distributors according to their sales and the sales volume of their downline. This plan helps to grow each member as it works on a team effort. The more teamwork, the more they earn profit. Using the binary plan, downline members learn from their seniors. Everyone in the team helps each other grow.

  • Why is Spillover important in the Binary MLM compensation plan?

    Spillover benefits the MLM business. In spillover, members create a parallel network and leave room to add other members in the downline persons. This benefits both downline and upline. Downline gets a new member to add and earn profit and the profit earned by downline benefits the upline as compensation or bonus.

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