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MLM Kabila has achieved a marvelous place as one of the best-forced matrix plan software companies in the global market. This is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that develops software using the latest technologies such as JavaScript, XML to name a few. Forced Matrix is a user-friendly and easily customized MLM Software plan. Forced matrix MLM software is popular because of its structure with limited depth and width. It is an easy idea to understand and follow. Forced Matrix allows the users to sponsor a limited number of members. Therefore, the possibility to earn more compensation for each distributor increases. The compensation for the Forced matrix plan is calculated by the efforts made by you and your upline members.

Forced Matrix plan is a type of Matrix MLM plan. The only difference between them is the limited depth level. Matrix MLM allows the unlimited depth level but the depth level is limited in the Forced Matrix MLM plan. Hence, the members are forced to complete their commission levels and position to the next stage once they have filled their upline.

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Forced Matrix Plan: Types of Income

Forced matrix is the popular business MLM plan among MLM companies. Due to its limited structure of width and depth, users are forced to move on to the next stage. Therefore, the compensation is received in a large amount among the distributors.

Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor bonus is given when any new member joins the team. Forced Matrix MLM plan introduced referral to motivate the downline members that keep them encouraged.

Bonus can be earned after filling up the 1st level. The amount is company-specific and varies from company to company.

Level Commission Bonus

The commission is given to the member after adding new members i.e. once the 1st 3 members add a new member then the sponsor earns a profit.

Next level members add three new members/users so that they can earn some other bonus. The forced Matrix MLM compensation plan can be extended to the nth level.

Rewards Bonus

Once the defined number of members is added to the genealogical tree, the sponsors get a reward bonus due to completing the assigned work within the predefined time.

The intention of the Forced Matrix plan is to motivate the members to work and earn more and attain the new height of business success.

Royalty Bonus

After achieving the set cut-off within the notified time and the company gets the profit in its business, then a certain percentage of the set package is distributed between sponsors as well as distributors. This percentage is decided by the company based on their business's growth.

Bonanza Bonus

Forced Matrix MLM plan compensates a short-term reward that the company gives to members on achieving the set target within the predefined time duration.

The rewards can be in the form of a fixed amount or it can be some tour packages (this package is not fixed and varies according to the company's preference).

Return on Investment (ROI)

The member gets some percentage of the bonus amount on a daily basis as ROI in Forced Matrix MLM compensation plan. The time frame and amount are decided by the individual company as per their profit and rules.

The percentage amount received by members encourages them to take their business to a new level.

How does the Forced Matrix MLM Plan work?

Forced Matrix Plan allows the sponsors to add limited recruiters on the first level. It motivates the members to recruit more members for the downline. This works on the basic principle of m*n where 'm' represents the width and 'n' is the depth of the tree. Here the defined number of members is added to the first level. Once this level is completed, a new member introduced by the parent member, if any, will spill over to the next level in the downline and like this, the depth of the plan is built by the addition of new members.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Assume Forced Matrix MLM Plan with an example of 2*3 concepts. According to the Forced Matrix MLM compensation plan, 2 represents the associated members in the downline, and 3 signs the depth of the downline. The width and depth level of the forced matrix are not fixed. It is decided by individual companies depending upon their business requirements.

For income calculation, we divide this tree into two parts as Left and Right.

  • In the 3*2 Forced Matrix Plan, you could upload the simplest three participants at the 1st stage and the tree can pass as much as the 2d stage in its intensity with four participants withinside the 2d stage and eight participants withinside the third stage.
  • A recruit simplest 3 direct participants on its downline as A, B, and C and qualifies for Rs. seven-hundred. Now B provides participants as D and E in which B gets 500 simplest whilst it recruits at the least 1 direct member, similarly, C provides F and G. Now, A gets Rs. seven-hundred due to the fact its 2d stage of four participants is whole and B and C gets Rs seven-hundred every as they whole its 1st stage of two participants. The manner keeps for all of the compelled matrices in a network.

Forced Matrix Plan MLM Software Features

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Points to Consider About Forced Matrix Plan

Get now Forced matrix solutions software for your MLM business. Forced matrix software is popular among all business plans due to its rigid matrix structure. A forced matrix mlm software is best for the limited growth business plans with the high scope of earning.

  • Forced matrix plan referred to as a limited unilevel MLM plan, meaning the depth and width, both will be limited.

  • Forced matrix plan is perfect for MLM companies with limited growth of the organization.

  • Forced Matrix software is an easy process to manage and easily accessible to the new distributors.

  • Forced Matrix MLM compensation plan is based on two important factors that include distributors and levels.

  • Suppose a forced matrix of 2*2, then there are two distributors who can sponsor members to two levels.

  • The compensation is paid for each level of earning directly to the sponsor.

  • Spillover in a forced matrix plan is referred to as the placement of newly joined members at open places in a network.

  • Forced matrix MLM calculator calculated the monthly income as a sum of your sales volume and recruitment profit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a unilevel matrix MLM plan?

    Unilevel matrix MLM plan is a limited depth level compensation plan. Forced matrix plan allows limited distributors to be sponsored. This benefits the companies to earn more profit with limited distributors.

  • What are the features of forced matrix MLM?

    Forced matrix is an idea of sponsoring limited members in the network. The newly joined members fill the open spaces to fill the matrix. Easy to understand for new members. Matrix MLM software is a user-friendly network.

  • How matrix MLM calculators are used?

    Matrix MLM calculator calculates the monthly compensation of each member. The compensation is automatically calculated as the sum of monthly income, sales volume, recruitment income, and level commission.

  • How do MLM companies use forced matrix compensation plans?

    MLM companies with limited growth and high earnings use the forced matrix MLM plan. The limited allowance of distributors in the network allows compensating more profit among members.

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