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MLM plan is a gifting strategy used for donation programs. Gift plan is the easiest concept used in MLM business to grow and achieve success. Companies don't need to sell products to earn money as only the donation fund process is going on to benefit the company

A donation plan works on the concept of ‘pay help and get help’. The concept is you give an amount to one member then you will get a return gift from other members in the network. A donation plan helps each other to earn profit. MLM companies fix the amount of the package of donations to help others. You may choose one of your choices.

Donation/Helping Plan : Types of Income

Get your Donation/Helping plan software developed by us to receive and send gifts to the business members. Leverage the various income strategies as mentioned below and provided within the software :

Sponsor Bonus

It is a direct amount paid to the members for referring a new member in the network. It is a fixed percentage given as a sponsor income.

Referral Help Bonus

MLM gift plan provides double compensation to the member if he/she has done help to another member. This bonus is also known as helping income.

Manager Level Gift

A bonus gift is given to the members when they reach the high level or the manager level of an MLM company. MLM company rewarded him with a gift.

Team Building Gift

A donation is given to you for building a team or network. The team members donate and help each other and grow business.

Rank Bonus

It is a reward bonus for achieving a high-level rank. That means you are eligible to choose a high amount of packages to donate and help.

Leadership Bonus

When you build a team and grow your network to help each other then you get a bonus for building a team that raises funds for helping plans.

How Does Donation/Helping Plan Work?

A donation plan is also called an MLM helping plan. Here, one person gains the upper hand by giving or donating to others. A gift MLM plan is a concept of "giving and receiving". The basic concept is to give gifts to one member and receive multiple gifts in return from many other members. Therefore, each member will benefit from various gift receipts from other members. Members will deposit or gift directly to other members as displayed in the system. Companies may charge certain registration and management fees. Helping plan MLM can be on many levels. The gift plan is purely based on two principles; members help each other in a community by Giving help and getting help.

Binary Structure

Gift plan MLM software works in binary structure to donate and receive money. In this structure, you can only add two members in the frontline and others will go downline. The amount of donation will be received from upline members to downline members.

Crowd Funding Structure

Crowdfunding structure in helping plan MLM means the group of people raised a fund amount to donate and gift to members whenever they will need the money.

Matrix Structure

The organizational structure of the matrix allows members to donate gifts and money. A fixed amount is received and donated to all the members in a matrix. Gift plan software with Matrix structure is available for an online demo.

Donation Plan MLM Software Features

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Benefits of Helping MLM Plan

Our team of MLM software experts can design and develop MLM software for such gift programs for MLM companies. The gifting strategy of MLM helping plan software is the best way to grow your business by donating and receiving the money to promote members. Following are the benefits of the MLM gift plan.

  • The members are free to decide when to receive money in the Gift plan MLM.

  • The helping MLM plan software is an easy structure and simpler to understand.

  • MLM gift software gives full control to users over their money.

  • Using donation plan MLM, payments are done and received securely through trusted gateways of payments.

  • Gift plan software requires low time to donate gifts and get high returns in a small period.

  • Online registration is available at the helping plan website to receive and give money.

  • Each member has an individual undertaking to give and take money in MLM donation software.

  • We develop gift plan software that provides auto and manual help settings to resolve all your queries.

  • View the history of transactions and internal message service is available for the members.

  • The low requirement of helping plan MLM software attracts more people to join.

Get Your Donation/Helping Plan MLM Software Developed Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a donation plan MLM software?

    The donation MLM plan is a give-and-takes concept. The more you give, the double you will receive in return. The group of members donates the money to help each other. MLM business uses the gifting strategy to grow their network connection and to attract more people.

  • What are the key features of using gift plan software?

    Gift plan MLM is an easy method for users to understand. The users don’t take much time to use Gift plan software because of its advanced features. Using the MLM gift plan, the members are free to receive money from the donation amount when they need it. Users need low buy requirements to join the network using an MLM gift plan.

  • How can we donate money to the gift plan?

    The packaging amount of donating money is fixed by the MLM companies. Online registrations and payment systems are available at the gift plan website. The members can choose the package of their choice.

  • How does the gift plan work in MLM software?

    The plan works very easily and is simple to access. You need to collect gifts and donations from members and return the collection to other members of the MLM plan system. In a gift plan, the company does not sell products to earn money and profit. They just set a fixed amount of packages for donation for members. In return, members receive an amount based on their rank level and the membership package they have chosen.

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