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Investment plan is a unique MLM plan in all business plans. All you need to invest in the company and the company pays you back as a fixed percentage of the amount on a daily basis according to your investment. The income profit varies from one company to another. MLM Investment plan is the best ROI MLM plan. MLM Investment plan is suitable for persons who don’t have any experience in the network marketing business. MLM Investment plan doesn’t need to recruit people or any downline process. Investment is the best MLM plan to make daily payments. We provide the best MLM investment software development services. MLM investment software is available at monthly charges.

Investment MLM Plan: Types of Income

Investment MLM plan is the easiest MLM plan that requires only your money to invest. You get paid back by the company as an earned profit. Using an MLM investment plan, investors can generate income by the bonuses given below.

Direct Referral Bonus

In an investment plan, a direct bonus is given to you if you ask a person or sponsor a person to invest in the company. It is also known as a sponsorship bonus.

ROI Bonus

ROI bonus is the best way to earn money for new members. It is the amount of fixed percentage return to you for your investment. ROI bonus is different in each company.

ROI Booster Bonus

ROI booster bonus in an MLM investment plan is to motivate their investors. The more you invest in the company, the more the company will return you back.

Matching /Level Bonus

You earned a profit for every person sponsored by you in the company. You get paid as a fixed percentage for the money invested by the sponsored members. It motivates you to make your network.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Rank Bonus is given to the existing member for achieving a higher rank in the list of investors of the company. It is also known as a promotion bonus in the MLM investment plan.

Royalty Income

When you invest in the MLM company using an MLM investment business plan, the company returns you the fixed amount of percentage. This return fixed percentage is known as royalty income.

How does the Investment MLM Plan work?

MLM Investment plan works along with other MLM plans in the companies. The one who chooses an investment plan invests the money in the company and then the company pays back as a fixed amount percentage to the investor. The invested money and return percentage are fixed by the company. Investors earned a profit on a daily basis and called it royalty income. Using an MLM investment plan, the company takes off the burden of investing money in business with the help of investors. An investment plan also benefits the company in making the working capital to fulfill the business needs. In simple words, the MLM investment plan benefits both the investor and the company. The invested money helps the company to run a business and an investor earns a better return of investment from the company. The most important thing to know about an investment plan is that investors have to choose the best stock market of their preference to earn profit.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Assume that the company has fixed X% as a return investment. Investor A has invested Rs. N in the company. Now the company will pay X% of Rs. N to investor A as an earned profit. This earned profit will be given as regular income by the company. A has sponsored two members B and C for the investment. A will receive the referral bonus and the profit earned by their invested money.

  • For A, the income is calculated as a percentage of invested money, sponsorship bonus of B and C, and the matching bonus of B and C.
  • For B, the income is calculated as the percentage of money according to his investment.
  • For C, the income is calculated as the percentage of money according to his investment.

Investment Plan MLM Software Features

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Points To Consider About Investment MLM Plan

Investment MLM plan provides a great opportunity to the new members for making a profit by investing once for the company. MLM investment software helps MLM companies to easily manage the process of investment.

  • Since the MLM investment plan is compatible with other MLM plans. Therefore, it offers to earn additional income through investment.

  • The concept of an Investment plan is easy and simple to understand for beginners as well as no experienced persons.

  • The best way to earn income by just one investment

  • MLM investment gives the opportunity to earn the highest ROI for investments as compared to other MLM plans.

  • It is the secured mode to generate income for all MLM plans.

  • No need to recruit people and selling products. Your one-time investment is enough to make a profit.

  • MLM Investment plan is an investment-and-earn-based policy, popular among the new beginners to join MLM companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the best MLM plan?

    An Investment MLM plan is the best MLM plan which gives the opportunity to new beginners for making a profit by one-time investment. Moreover, it is the safest mode and is compatible with other MLM plans. Therefore, you can earn more profit using other plans with an investment plan.

  • How to invest money using the MLM Investment plan?

    Invest your money once for the company and get a return of investment on a daily basis. The return investment is known as royalty income. You will get a fixed amount of profit percentage for your investment from the company.

  • How does MLM Investment software work?

    MLM Investment software works for the MLM companies to easily manage the investment process. It makes effective communication between the investor and the company. MLM software works with a user-friendly environment.

  • What are the advantages of opting for an MLM investment plan?

    MLM Investment plan is a good opportunity to join an MLM company. The basic concept of the investment plan is first to invest for the company and the company will pay you back for the lifetime as a percentage of profit. It doesn’t require much effort and time. A one-time investment is needed for lifetime earning.

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