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A Matrix MLM Plan is simple and easy to understand and also the most popular marketing compensation plan. It helps to manage distributors' hierarchy to keep track of downline’s purchasing and earnings. It decreases the manual work of MLM companies. It is compatible with all sizes of organizations and companies. We develop the best Matrix MLM plan software.

Matrix MLM Plan : Types of Income

Our experienced team develops the Matrix MLM plan software for your business. The list below the types of income you can have by using a matrix plan.

Referral/Sponsor Bonus

It is a directly paid bonus to you on recruiting each member in the network. You earn profit for sponsoring a member to the downline.

Level Commission

It is a level-based commission you earn across different levels. Distributors earn profit by the sales volume on each level of their downline.


Reward bonus is given to the existing members as an earned profit for achieving high-level rank and for increasing the volume of sales.


Distributors are being awarded as a bonus for increasing their sales and performance level. It may include free shopping offers, travel tickets, etc.

Rank Bonus

Matrix MLM Calculator calculates the performance of each distributor based on their sales and your downline network growth. You get a bonus for achieving a high rank.


It is a yearly or monthly bonus given to all the members if they achieve the target sales given to them. Like, if you sponsor 5 members/day in a month you earn profit as a bonus as well as your downline network increases automatically.

How does the Matrix MLM Plan work?

Matrix MLM plan is an organizational structure of a fixed number of rows and columns. The limited number of members is arranged in a matrix structure. Additional members are added to the downline of existing members and grow the sales of their upline members. It is the best MLM plan as it works on the team's efforts. MLM Kabila develops the matrix MLM software plan for your MLM business. Free demo is available for the users online. The structured Matrix compensation plan is like the default members are added to the top and the additional members are spillover to their downline. The new joining members go down the network at different levels. It easily manages the compensation and calculates the commission of each distributor. you can sponsor on your first level, usually to less than five. The most commonly used matrix MLM plans are 2×2, 4×7, 5×7, 3×9 and 2×12.

Matrix Plan

Matrix Plan MLM Software Features

Looking for a reliable Software Development Company in INDIA? MLM Kabila is a trusted MSME and ISO certified company that provides custom-made MLM software for all types of MLM business plans. Some of its amazing features includes.

Digital wallets
payment gateway
Online Purchasing
digital wallet
live chat module
Live Realtime Payouts
lead capturing
Advance Monitoring Tools

Advantages of Matrix MLM Plan

Our MLM software for Matrix Plan is a market-oriented solution used by MLM business professionals. Therefore, this scalable and configurable tailormade solution offers the following advantages to its professional enterprise users :

  • Matrix compensation plan is one of the best MLM plans as it is a customized plan which means the users can choose any plan of their choice.

  • The structure of Matrix is fixed and depth allows the new members to downline and grow the network of existing members.

  • It is the fixed structure of rows and columns which means once the row is filled then the next column will automatically create the new level of the network.

  • It is a user-friendly plan that allows users to understand easily.

  • MLM business is a broad network of multiple users across the world. Therefore, MLM plan software is a multi-language platform.

  • It is an E-commerce platform and exchanges multi-currency all over the world. Users can easily sell their products anywhere around the globe.

  • Matrix MLM Calculator calculates the commission of distributors at each level of their sales growth.

  • It is best for the part-time distributor to support earning productivity.

  • It is a fixed matrix plan in which the new members automatically go down the network to maintain the balance of structure.

  • Spillover is an effective feature of the matrix. It allows the joining members to the next level and supports each other in a team to grow the network.

  • It allows an unlimited depth which means infinite users can be added to the depth level of the network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the structure of the Matrix plan?

    Matrix MLM plan is a fixed structure of rows and columns. It is a rigid structure of the n*n matrix where n represents rows and columns. The new member is added to the next level of a network under the downline of existing members.

  • What is the work of the Matrix MLM plan?

    MLM Matrix Plan works on a limited number of rows and columns. New members add to the down level of upline members. There is no limit to joining members. If the existing member recruits a new member then it will add to the down level of a network. Therefore, it supports teamwork.

  • What are the advantages of using Matrix MLM software?

    Matrix compensation plan is an e-commerce platform for exchanging multi-currency. It is an easy plan to understand. It is a fixed structure with limited depth. Hence, the frontline members concentrate to grow the network of downline members.

  • How Matrix MLM calculator is used?

    MLM Calculator in a matrix is used to calculate the profit commission of each member at different levels. MLM Kabila develops the best MLM calculator that is easy to access. The part-time distributor should support.

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