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MLM is a unique business prospect that bears rich dividends for organizations & industries. The whole idea of MLM Repurchase Plan is to promote business from different levels irrespective of its presence. Repurchase plan is an excellent chance for small enterprises and start-ups. The biggest hurdle they face today is the scarcity of funds and inability to take risks. Indeed, it is a lifeline to boost their existence. Hence, the repurchase plan is an excellent landscape for small organizations. MLM repurchase plan is a manner to sell products and services directly by people or a set of people and basically a mouth-to-mouth advertisement that saves advertisement costs. It is a motivational plan for product selling where each associate promotes their downline member to sell products and get bonuses and incentives on completing the target.

Repurchase Plan : Types of Income

You can earn profit by different methods in repurchasing MLM software. Stock MLM provides a great source of income. The whole concept of a repurchase plan is to make your network and start earning.

Quick Start Bonus

A newly joined member can start their earning with a quick start bonus. In the repurchase MLM plan, distributors have to recruit members and earn profit for sponsoring.

Performance Bonus

The Repurchase MLM plan focuses only on the selling of products. Therefore, the more you sell products, the more your performance increases and you start earning profit.

Director Bonus

Director bonus is given for achieving a high rank in your repurchase MLM business. You get a high position in the business when you achieve a number of members in your downline to earn more profit.

Travel Bonus

Travel bonus is given as a reward to the eligible distributors for achieving large members in the downline and also for increasing the volume of sales.

Matching Bonus

Matching bonus in repurchasing bonus calculated by the sales volume of your downline. The sponsor receives profit from the earnings of his recruited members.

Position Bonus

Achieving a new position or high position networks gives you profit. This shows that you are growing your network by increasing the length of your downline.

How does the Repurchase MLM Plan work?

Repurchase E-commerce plan is totally based on the idea of selling & promoting products and services and both distributors and members help the company in this process for which they get paid. The bonus is calculated on the percentage of the cost of the product/service that the company itself decides. In addition, MLM companies offer extra benefits through repurchase plans by avoiding spending money on promotion. Therefore, you can earn more profit with low investment. Repurchase E-commerce plan software helps in handling the entire software in an organizational way and benefits are distributed among each member in the network. The Repurchase plan does not need advertising to promote its business. Hence, the amount of money saved from advertising is compensated to the distributors.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Suppose distributor X has joined the MLM business. Now, after his joining, he started recruitment and the sales of products. The recruitment persons will go under the downline of distributor X. therefore, the compensation calculated for X is the profit earned by recruitment of each member, sales commission, and the profit earned by the fixed percentage of sales volume of his downline.

For income calculation, we divide the distributors from high level to down level.

  • Distributor X earns profit by selling products.
  • Distributor X receives a certain amount of profit percentage calculated by the sales volume of his downline.
  • The downline of X earns the profit with the same procedure according to their downline individually.

Repurchase Plan MLM Software Features

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Points to Consider About Repurchase Plan

With our Repurchase plan software, you can construct your business plan securely and smartly. Therefore, you can leverage the following benefits of our MLM plan Repurchase tool :

  • We are CMMI Level 3 company and ISO 9001-2015 software development company that develops Repurchase plan MLM Software that helps in earning huge revenues for the company.

  • Our company truly understands your direct selling business requirements. The Multimedia marketing experts who hold several years of experience in this field helps in determining the best plan that is suitable for your MLM business.

  • We also support you in analyzing all your MLM calculations. Additionally, you get the feature of customized MLM software as per your business needs.

  • At MLM Kabila, we constantly follow the latest technologies such as SQL Server,, Windows, Azure, etc. to serve our clients with secure and reliable software solutions.

  • Repurchase plan is an easy concept to understand and a mouth media advertising business plan.

  • The Repurchase plan is capable of hybrid with other MLM plans.

  • Stock repurchasing software easily maintains the records of products purchased and sold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Stock Repurchase plan?

    A stock plan is a concept of selling products with the medium of mouth advertising. The members sponsor the recruiter and sell products to them and earn a profit. The recruited members establish their own network or downline to make income.

  • What are the benefits of Repurchase plan MLM?

    Since the repurchase plan does not spend money on advertising. Therefore, the advertising money is compensated among the distributors as a profit. It is the best opportunity for the new members to make money.

  • Which business plans should choose a repurchase plan?

    Repurchase or stock MLM plan is best for the businesses that focus on selling their products without promotion and advertising. It is an easy concept to understand that saves both time and money.

  • What are the key features of repurchase MLM?

    The repurchase plan works with the key features of- product and inventory management, franchise management, completion of sales and reports, printing bills, and catalog management.

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