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Single leg plan also known as a monoline plan is the most popular and recommended plan among MLM companies. Single leg is a single line structure which means the first member added in the line is an upline member and the rest will go downline in that single line. First-come-first-serve is the basic concept of single-leg profit that defines if you initiate the chain then you get more benefit from your downline. It doesn’t matter whether they are hired by you or not. Monoline MLM is a single line gain profit that benefits the companies because it helps the newly join members to make downline easily. The best part about a single-leg MLM plan is that you need to sponsor a minimum of just one distributor in your downline to start your chain. We provide a free demo of single-leg MLM software.

Monoline/Single Leg Plan : Types of Income

Our professionally designed enterprise solution for businesses management help users manage their business efficiently and rapidly. Whereas, you can leverage the below-mentioned income bonus options provided in our customizable MLM solution :

Direct Bonus

A direct bonus is paid directly to the distributor for sponsoring each member in the single line. The distributor gets profit on recruiting a member in his downline.

Level Bonus

In a single-leg plan, the distributor gets a fixed percentage profit from the sales made by his downline. Upline member earns more profit as he is at the top of the line.


A distributor earns profit as a reward for achieving success by sponsoring more members and earning more sales.

Manager Bonus

Manger bonus is given as a reward to the distributor for achieving a high-level rank. In a single-leg MLM plan, a high level means having more members in your downline.

Executive Bonus

Executive bonus in a single-leg plan is calculated as the sum of your income, performance level, and the sales volume of your downline.


It is an occasional bonus given yearly or monthly for the achievement of the given target for sponsoring more members and increasing sales

How Does Single Leg/Monoline MLM Plan Work?

As the name implies, "mono" means single or one. The basic concept of the software is that everything is on the same line or single line. Monoline MLM software is often referred to as the linear or single branch MLM plan, and it is one of the best and most modern MLM software plans available today. Monoline MLM plan is a straight line MLM plan, each member contains only one leg. The Monoline plan allows users to earn money without doing too much work/effort. The compensation plan looks like a vertical line with members one after the other. This plan is based on the first service. Therefore, the structure of theMonoline MLM program depends on the start date of the registration. Recruiting members either by you or your downline will go down the line in a single line. Therefore, a single-leg MLM plan benefits everyone because each member helps each other in sponsoring members to grow the line and business.

Commission Calculation Example

Let’s Understand Linear MLM Plan with an example that is based on a single-line structure. Assume a company has decided the package amount of Rs. 1500 and matching percentage is 5% of the package amount (5% of Rs.1500). Sponsor A is the initiator of single-line structure and position at the top of the line. Therefore, A will get the profit percentage of all the members down in the line. Sponsor B down below just A will earn profit from the sales of sponsor C to the last member of the line. This calculation continues across the different positions of members in the line.

For income calculation, we divide the distributors from up to the down level of the line.

  • A is the top member of the line having ‘N’ number of members in his downline. The company sets 5% of the amount as an earned profit. Therefore, A will receive 5% of the sales volume of N members individually.
  • B is the second top member of the monoline plan. B will receive profit for Member C to member N with the calculation of amount percentage.
  • Since the distributor earns profit by sales volume of his downline member in a single line. Single-leg MLM plan calculator auto-calculates the commission of each member according to downline level.
monoline plan

Single Leg Plan MLM Software Features

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Payment Gateway
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Lead Capturing

Points To Consider About Single Leg/Monoline Plan

Linear MLM plan is the most recommended plan among MLM companies due to its interactive features and procedures. The list below is the features of the single-leg MLM plan.

  • Single-leg MLM is a first service basis concept which means the initiator earns more profit.

  • Single-leg is the easiest of all MLM plans to understand and follow.

  • Sponsored members recruited by anyone in the line will go at the end of the line.

  • Monoline supports teamwork as everyone in the line helps each other to increase the downline by recruiting members in the end.

  • Linear MLM plan is the best to start your new business because you need to recruit just one member to start your downline.

  • Hired members join the line from down to support other members in increasing the network.

  • Single-leg is the recommended plan to make passive income due to the single-line structure of the network.

  • Once you have recruited one member to start downline, you don’t need to worry about sponsoring more members. All you need to focus on is increasing your sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Single-Leg / Monoline / Linear MLM plan works?

    A Linear MLM plan is a single-line structure. The one who initiates the line earns more profit. Sponsored members hired by any of the members will go down in the line to support other members to grow. It is based on the first-come service concept.

  • What is the structure of the Single-leg/ monoline MLM Plan?

    The monoline plan works on the single line. Members added in the line to grow the network and business. The single-line structure of monoline supports new members to make downline and income easily.

  • Why is single-leg/ linear/ monoline recommended as the best mlm plan?

    Monoline is recommended as the most popular MLM plan among MLM companies due to its one-leg structure. It is easy to follow and understand for newly added members.

  • How can you earn profit by using a single-leg plan?

    A Single-leg plan is the easiest way to make passive income by recruiting one member to your downline. Your downline increases by the hiring of members by you or someone else. Income and profit increase as the downline of the structure increases.

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