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Stairstep plan is also known as a breakaway compensation plan is a very old MLM plan used to grow the network at an unlimited level. A breakaway compensation plan breaks the network of upline and downline after achieving the highest rank. Moreover, a stairstep breakaway plan allows the downline members to make a new network with the new upline. The breakaway network makes a new network under the admin and starts a new business network. Stairstep benefits the upline members to receive a large level commission due to its unlimited structure of build a network. The biggest advantage of using a breakaway compensation plan is that it has a large number of positions available for frontline members. MLM companies use breakaway stairstep plans to increase the sales volume of distributors to earn more profit. Our experienced developers develop the beat breakaway stairstep MLM software. MLM Kabila is the best breakaway MLM compensation plan development services company.

Stairstep Plan : Types of Income

Types of income generated using breakaway stairstep MLM compensation plan. Stairstep is the best MLM plan for the ones who are willing to start their new business.

Quick Start Bonus

In the stairstep plan, earn quickly by sponsoring new members in the network. It is a directly paid bonus for sponsoring each new member.

Performance Bonus

Performance bonus is given to the existing members to increase their performance level. That means your downline and sales volume are increasing.

Director Bonus

Director bonus in breakaway compensation plan is given as a reward for achieving high-rank or position in the frontline members.

Distributor level

After being a consumer and the lowest rank downline member, when you become the distributor and sell more products. You receive a distributor-level bonus.

Manager level

Manager level bonus is given for getting the highest rank in a network. You achieve a manager level when your large network breakaway and you build another new network.

Sales Executive Bonus

Breakaway stairstep plan gives you compensation for sponsoring at least 6 members in the starting month. It motivates the members to focus more on selling products.

How does the Stairstep MLM Plan work?

Stairstep breakaway plan is simpler to adopt and understand. For the breakaway of your network, you have to reach a certain level fixed by the company. The breakaway is up to the earning and performance of downline members. The one who reached a certain level will break away from the network and build a new network as a frontline. This new network is called a stair step. Moreover, moving forward to each step means achieving a new rank in the company. Therefore, if you fail to reach the level and the breakaway of a network happened then you have to start from the beginning. In the breakaway stairstep plan, when you improve your performance and sales volume, then the discount rates and earning profit are increased by the company. Achieving a high rank after the breakaway means you are eligible for receiving a greater commission at the next level. The volume of each member is necessary for a breakaway and to go on to the next stage.

stair-step mlm plan

Commission Calculation Example

Stairstep breakaway compensation plan increases the profit percentage at different stages. Analyze the profit received at the first stage is 15%, the profit increases by 20% at next stage and then it continuously increases as the level of stage increases. After targeting the highest position, the member has to balance the consistency of the current level for 3 months to receive a ‘once-off-title-bonus’. Moreover, if he fails to do so then he has to maintain it again for the next 3 months. A stairstep plan is the best way to motivate the members to increase sales and reach the next level stage.

For income calculation, we calculate the amount of profit percentage at different stages.

  • At the first stage, the income is calculated by the profit percentage of 15%
  • After the breakaway, you reach the next stage, and your profit increases by 5% which means 20%.
  • Again as the stage level increases the profit percentage also increases by 5% at each stage. The process of breakaway a network has no limits.

Generation Plan MLM Software Features

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Points to Consider About Stairstep MLM Plan

Stairstep breakaway compensation plan is a process of increasing profit percentage with the increases of stage level. Following are the benefits of the stairstep plan.

  • Stairstep MLM plan has the largest opportunity of earning.

  • Stairstep provided unlimited steps to build a vast network.

  • Breakaway focuses on individual growth to achieve a higher rank.

  • After the breakaway, the members were put under the admin as a new downline.

  • The breakaway compensation plan focuses on sales to grow the network and break away.

  • The purpose of stairstep MLM software is to develop a big team and earn more profit.

  • Stairstep MLM plan has no limit of adding new members to the network.

  • Breakaway MLM plan supports teamwork as you have to manage the sales target of the downline for the breakaway.

  • The breakaway compensation plan is the best MLM business plan as compared to other MLM plans.

  • The biggest advantage of a stairstep breakaway plan is that it doubles the benefits after the breakaway.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a stairstep compensation mlm plan?

    Stairstep is a breakaway compensation MLM plan. A stairstep plan is used when there is no limit to add members to the network. Breakaway compensation itself describes that after reaching a certain level through a breakaway, you get double compensation for achieving a high rank.

  • How does stairstep breakaway MLM benefit the business?

    Using a stairstep MLM plan, the company is allowed to develop a vast network with no limits. Therefore, the number of sales increases as the level increases. To reach the next level, one has to complete the given target sales volume.

  • How does the breakaway compensation plan work?

    Breakaway compensation plan works with the basis of forwarding the next step to a high level through a breakaway. Breakaway means the splitting of a network onto the next stage at different positions. On reaching the next stage, all members receive compensation and it doubles the profit percentage of level commission.

  • Why stairstep is the best MLM plan?

    Stairstep MLM plan is popular among the business whose growth is unlimited. Hence, the growth rate is depending on the sales volume and sales are depending on adding more and more members.

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